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SmallGiant Music is a child-focused, home-based music school where our teachers travel to your home for music lessons. We offer a range of services such as group music sessions, individual music sessions and instrumental rentals.


Music appeals to people of all ages, especially the young. With specific capabilities of each age group, we are committed to provide music education that improves the quality of life for the child in the long run. We achieve musical excellence by nurturing our student's musical intuition through quality instrumental lessons. Keeping music sessions enjoyable, we challenge and guide our students as they express their ideas and emotions through the world of sound and music. 

 We Are All About.. 

Their Creativity


Creative thinking and learning is at the heart of our music education for your child. At SmallGiant Music, we join our students in discovering their musical interests and drive. We inspire their imagination and guide them through the world of music. Creativity is a form of motivation instead of an outcome of instruction.

Their Motivation


Fueled by creativity, self-determination and intrinsic motivation is what we are committed to instill in your child’s music education.

Music sessions will set out to fulfil the 3 basic psychological needs - competency, relatedness and autonomy. (Ryan & Deci, 2000)

It is our responsibility to ensure that every child feels competent and connected to the musical goal that they desire. 

Their Future


We know that not every child will pursue music as their career but we believe in the cognitive benefits that music education possess.

Music education at a young age can improve your child’s spatial reasoning abilities, motor coordination and problem solving techniques.

Whether you have an aspiring engineer, doctor or policeman; the benefits of music education will improve the quality of life of your child and those around him/her. 


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Tel: +61 422 082 914

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