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    Music Lessons

Our teachers are well equipped with electronic music scores and illustrative materials to creatively deliver engaging online music lessons.
Online Music Lesson



Zooming into the technological age, we are experienced in carrying out online lessons. 

Basic technological equipment is just the beginning of our interactive online lessons. Our teachers are trained to ask the right questions that get your child thinking, execute instrumental tasks that keep them engaged, and more! 

We keep track of your child's progress through an app and they are able to write to us any time during the week! 

*Advanced piano and drum lessons are also available for AMEB Grade 1-8. 

Music Fundamentals

Music Fundamentals

Not sure which instrument your child should learn? 

They can always start building their fundamentals on pitch and rhythm before deciding on an instrument. 

These fortnightly group lessons will help students to explore different instruments and sharpen their rhythmic and auditory skills. 

Music Class
Music Producers

Electronic Music (GarageBand)

Electronic Music (GarageBand)

Taught by our lead educator, Shane G, this online course inspires students to be creative individuals. They get to create their own tunes on GarageBand as they learn about the idea of improvisation and composition in Music Production. 

Using GarageBand, students learn how to express themselves and take ownership of their own learning. It promotes inquisitive learning and develops problem-solving skills. 

*Students are required to have an Apple device with the in-built GarageBand app.

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