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What We Do

SGM: Experience!

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Holiday Workshops

School Holidays are always packed with lots of fun! At SGM, we aim to provide our students with well-rounded music experience. We introduced 'SGM: Experience!', where our students can play and experience a different instrument, or a different musical genre/style from what they are used to.

The activities included collaborative rhythm games, learning the parts and functions of the drum set and finishing off with a Jam Session! The students were able to play the songs they learnt on the piano with another student playing a basic drum beat they learnt that day! 

At our last workshop, our vice-principal Josh taught an exciting drum workshop to 5 of our piano students. 


Weekly Instrumental Lessons

Our qualified and experience SGM team, dressed in our iconic white polo tees, will visit your school weekly to provide instrumental lessons for your students. With a comprehensive handbook for Piano and Drums, we teach students to enjoy making music and excel in their instrumental mastery skills. 

The perks of being in a school are being able to put small ensembles together, allowing students to learn social skills in music. These skills are important both in the music and real world! 

Administratively, SGM will manage the scheduling of the lessons for the school. 


Beginner Music Lessons

As a child, many would've taken up music lessons. We may not have taken it seriously back then, but it is never too late to pick it up again! The program is led by Cicely and lessons are conducted weekly for university students who would like to learn and jam on an instrument of their choice. Students engage in solo, duets and even trio piano playing! 

Check out what they have to say about their experience! 

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