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Discovering Potentials, Maximising Aptitudes

We are committed to your child's success in Music Education and beyond. 

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Our Story

SmallGiant Music first started in Perth, Western Australia, developing its teaching practice and approach the 'Aussie' way.  SmallGiant Music (SGM) believes in providing quality music education that does not only focus on instrumental mastery but also the development of transferable skills, which include creativity and fine motor skills, through music. 

The SGM team believes in the importance of teaching music to children as young as 3 years of age, developing essential 21st-century life skills including pattern recognition, spatial awareness, and motor coordination. In addition, we develop and inspire student creativity through improvisation exercises, bringing mundane technical work - like scales, to life. 

Committed to long-term musical interest, our team of teachers at SGM differentiates and tailors the content taught to each individual student. We guide their discovery and lead them to achieve their full potential. The SGM Team is well qualified, experienced, and passionate to teach and motivate students to successfully achieve their goals. 

Our teachers travel to your home to deliver the music lessons and are well equipped with music scores, instruments, and illustrative materials. In addition to this service, SGM Singapore will have a well-equipped studio where students can jam and learn! 

Get in touch with us today to find out more! 

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