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Principal and Lead Educator 

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Shane Goh ATCL (Piano), B. A. (Specialist Music Studies), M. Teach (Music and Special Education)

Fluent in English & Chinese

Piano & Guitar

Experienced music educator who balances a comfortable and professional relationship with his students, parents and colleagues. Winner of music scholarships and prizes from UWA, he extends his excellence and knowledge to formulating new and creative ideas to improve the quality of music education provided by SmallGiant Music. Fluent in English and Mandarin, he hopes bring music education across a diversity of cultures.

"I am passionate about providing creative, enjoyable and effective music lessons for all my students. I am committed to improving the quality of lives of young children through the benefits that music education offers."

Vice-Principal & Senior Teacher

Josh Chan

Fluent in English & Chinese Language


Drums, Guitar & Piano

With over 10 years of experience playing in bands particularly in church settings, Josh is proficient in drums and guitar. He is passionate about sharing his musical knowledge with his students. He enjoys working with young children and helping them to achieve their potentials. Josh is the author of our SGM Drum Handbook.

"I love being able to share my experiences and enabling kids to enjoy music the same way I do."

Location: Myaree, Canning Vale, Nedlands, Crawley, and neighboring suburbs.


Manuli M.

Manuli is an enthusiastic and dedicated musician, who found her love for the piano at a young age. After having successfully completed the Diploma of Music Industry at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, she is now continuing her studies by pursuing the Bachelor of Music. Manuli aims to help foster a love and understanding for music in others by sharing her own knowledge and passion for music.

Location: Mt Lawley, Cockburn and neighboring suburbs.


Cicely Guillouet


(Fluent in English & Bahasa Indonesia)

Engaging the young ones with her jovial personality, Cicely finds her sense of fulfillment in teaching. Obtaining perfect scores in music theory examinations is not rare for Cicely. With her passion for teaching and learning, Cicely has experience as a volunteer teacher for Myanmar refugee children, sharing her knowledge and interest in Math, Science, and Music! 

"I hope that through my passion for music, yours can be cultivated too."

Location: Nedlands, Crawley, and neighboring suburbs.


Karyn Djojo Dihardjo


(Fluent in English & Bahasa Indonesia)

An active performer and accompanist who has won several awards, Karyn has been involved with music since she was 4 years old and her love for it grows with time. She is currently a student in WAAPA studying Bachelor of Classical Performance. She is enthusiastic and  willing to share her musical knowledge, helping others to recognise the beauty of this art.

Location: Applecross, Nedlands, Mt. Pleasant and surrounding suburbs.

Joshua Li.jpg

Joshua Li

Piano and Violin

Having played the piano since he was 5, Joshua has grown to not only love playing music, but also sharing its joys and beauty with others through teaching. He has achieved Grade 8 AMEB in Pianoforte, and has a multitude of experiences in performing, especially with his violin, where he joined his high school concert band and even played for the Orchestral Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral. He has now taught students of all ages for nearly 3 years and is eager to continue bringing music into the lives of people.

Joshua’s number one goal in teaching is to inspire students and bring them into this wonderful world of music, where they can let their creativity shine and imagination run free.

Location: Nothern Suburbs and Perth City

Profile picture.jpg

Ewald D.

Piano & Voice

Winner of several music awards, Ewald has a deep passion for music. Ever since starting with piano at the age of 3, he has fallen in love with music, starting with formal vocal training at age 7, and tuba at age 13. Currently studying at UWA, Ewald plays in their Wind Orchestra, and is also a junior orchestral conductor.

Ewald believes that a love for music is cultivated through exposure to engaging and exquisite music while nurturing an intricate and appreciative understanding of fundamental musical concepts. Being of the opinion that anyone of any age can learn to love music, he believes that music is a universal tool that can be used to bring people together through its timeless and poetic nature.

“Music brings people of different cultures, beliefs, and viewpoints together. Nothing is more beautiful.”

Location: Nedlands, Dalkeith and surrounding suburbs.


Helen Ye


With over a decade of experience in studying piano, Helen is competent in piano and theory, having achieved Grade 8 AMEB with commendable results. She has a profound interest and passion in teaching and is enthusiastic about passing on knowledge she has gained from her own piano teacher to children and young adults.


Helen aims to guide, inspire and motivate students to reach their full potential through music education. A pianist who is well versed with the AMEB syllabus up to Grade 8.

Location: Cockburn and neighboring suburbs.


Christopher Thong

Piano, Guitar & Drums

(Fluent in English & Bahasa Indonesia)                                                           

Chris is actively seen performing at Christmas events and serves as a Church musician. He is also part of a Percussion ensemble called ‘Defying Gravity’ that performs regularly in Perth.


Having completed a Diploma of Music Industry at WAAPA, he is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance and is eager to share his musical knowledge and skills through music education.

Location: Myaree, Bullcreek, Nedlands and neighboring suburbs.


Jessie Kodrat



(Fluent in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin)

Jessie is passionate in playing musical instruments since she was young. She completed Grade 8 ABRSM Piano Examination and Grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory with satisfying results. She is an active performer in her church band. Jessie also trained her aural and sight-singing skills by participating in a choir. She spends time playing music and making music with her band in her leisure time, allowing her to explore various genres of music. Having teaching experience in a language school, Jessie is enjoys teaching kids and young adults. 

"Music is a universal language - it will teach you not only how to modulate your own feelings, but also help you understand how other people feel through their work of music 

Location: Nedlands, Dalkeith, Claremont, Subiaco and neighboring suburbs. 


Tierney Tan
 Piano & Violin

Tierney possess a legitimate love for music. In today’s evolving music industry, she identifies that new music styles are coming up every so often. Not only is she passionate about enhancing specific genres she has been specialising in since age 4, she is keen to establish new styles and seeks to learn more about it from her peers and students. Tierney acknowledges the importance of accomodating each student depending on their individual needs, as she believes different students respond differently to grasping music lessons and mastering how to play an instrument. 

“Music has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place. Allow me to show your child/children the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”

Location: Riverton and neighboring suburbs.


Jesus Llerena (On Leave)

B.Mus (Guitar Performance)

Guitar and Voice

(Fluent in English & Spanish)

Jesús started learning music when he was
a kid. After finishing school he decided to
pursue music at university, where he learned music theory and aural skills. He has over 3 years of experience teaching guitar and singing to kids and adults. He also owns a youtube channel where he shares his opinion about music and personal 


He is also part of the Baden Street
Singers, a mixed barbershop ensemble
that holds the title of “Mixed Chorus
champion” in Australia. They perform
regularly around Western Australia.

“Music is the most important part in my
day living and that’s what I try to teach to

my students as well”

Location: Myaree, Parkwood and neighboring suburbs. 


Kobi Simpson


Kobi is an experienced pianist and teacher of over 3 years and learning music for over 15 years. He has began his formal studies in WAAPA, majoring in Jazz, upon completing his ATAR Jazz Music. Kobi believes in making sure his students develop a passion for music above all else and have fun while doing so. As they progress, students will not only have a solid foundation of musical knowledge, but also the flair and creativity they need not to just learn music, but to also explore and create.

Location: Nedlands, Mt Lawley and neighboring suburbs.


Jonathan W. Inkiriwang

(Fluent in English & Bahasa Indonesia)

Having a profound passion in not only performing but teaching, music plays a huge role and is a key defying aspect in Nathan’s life. Over the past two years, Nathan has been studying at the Western Australia Academy of performing Arts and has been mentoring some very young and talented musicians at Wesley College.  Nathan is well versed with the ABRSM and AMEB Syllabus up to Grade 8 level.


An award winning pianist, Nathan is passionate in teaching young students and helping them to achieve excellence and maintaining musical interest. 

Location: Sydney

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